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  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Mother’s Day Gift Guide

    Posted on May 22 2018

    There are two kinds of people, ones that prepare for months thinking what is the perfect Mother’s Day gift and those that run out last minute hoping to find something suitable for the occasion. Luckily there is no shortage of...

  • Design Your Own Spring Lookbook

    Design Your Own Spring Lookbook

    Posted on April 23 2018

    Every spring delivers an ocean of heavenly garments, but not each and every one of them can mimic your persona or fit perfectly with your authentic self-expression. Before you get lost in the crowd of the latest Pradas and Guccis,...

  • Your V-Day Outfit Guide

    Your V-Day Outfit Guide

    Posted on February 12 2018

    Here is the 

    Luxmix greatest mantra on, 'What you can wear on this Valentine's Day?'. This day is known for celebrating love of all kinds & for making this even more special, Luxmix is now gifting 'out of the box' V- day fashion tips for you!

    It is about time to open your first present & spread the joy, the luxmix way! 


  • LUXMIX Colour Blocking Basics 2018

    LUXMIX Colour Blocking Basics 2018

    Posted on January 30 2018

    Here are all the know how's on colour blocking fashion, dynamic desgins and styles. We also give you tips on how to fashion your look with colour blocking and rock it !
  • Prepare for Winter

    Prepare for Winter

    Posted on November 22 2017

    With November in full swing, winter will be here in the blink of an eye, and in terms of attire and pretty much everything else, welcoming it requires some careful planning. In order to avoid overwhelming your wardrobe, it’s best...

  • Autumn Essentials

    Autumn Essentials

    Posted on October 17 2017

    Autumn Essentials There’s a beautiful line said in the movie Collateral Beauty and it goes ‘shed your skin, find your life’. Although we can’t physically shed our skin, fashion has given us the power to do so in a different...

  • Basics of the Minimalist Approach to Personal Style

    Basics of the Minimalist Approach to Personal Style

    Posted on September 26 2017

      For those who aren’t ‘in the know’, minimalism in fashion and design in general has been present for quite a while. However, pinpointing what minimalism is precisely is far from an easy feat. Before you begin reinventing your wardrobe,...

  • Beauty in Details

    Beauty in Details

    Posted on August 01 2017

    When it comes to minimalism all the details are equally important. The true minimalism lovers love empty spaces and home décor inspired by geometrical shapes and simple lines. The natural colours such monochrome, grey, beige and navy are always prioritised...

  • The Universality of Minimalist Pieces

    The Universality of Minimalist Pieces

    Posted on July 25 2017

    Minimalist outfits are suitable for every occasion. The basic pieces are easy to combine and they can serve you as a palette for your creativity in terms of adding trendy and extraordinary pieces. The monochrome combinations combined with bright accents...

  • Choose Happy

    Choose Happy

    Posted on July 18 2017

    Summer is a time for life changes. Warm and pleasing weather, holidays, travelling all these make us realise the important things and forget about irrelevant. Fashion has always been a way to express your personality and the state of mood....

  • Mix & Match

    Mix & Match

    Posted on July 11 2017

    The advantages of the minimalist style are that you can mix & match those pieces with items you already have in your wardrobe. Choose the monochrome colours to be sure that you will be able to combine it with everything...

  • Travel Must - Haves

    Travel Must - Haves

    Posted on July 04 2017

    Summer is always a time for lots of travelling and new experiences! We feeling energised and open to new adventure during the sunny and warm days! Also, a lot of countries are so beautiful in spring/summer period. So, if you...

  • Sunny Days Basics

    Sunny Days Basics

    Posted on June 27 2017

    What are your summer basics in terms of shorts, trousers and skirts? Those pieces are super important during the hot season when our favourite jeans are not so useful and comfy to wear anymore. For the hottest days of the...

  • Summer Party Vibes

    Summer Party Vibes

    Posted on June 20 2017

    Summer is a perfect time for the outdoor parties and barbeques at the parks and your friends’ back yards! So we have prepared some outfits for you for a different range of summer outdoor occasions.  Go for comfier options for...

  • Park Essentials

    Park Essentials

    Posted on June 13 2017

    What is your favourite thing to do during the sunny summer days? Summer is time for holidays, but it is also a perfect season for the outdoor leisure. Whether you are going for the picnic with your friends or family...

  • Hello, Seaside!

    Hello, Seaside!

    Posted on June 06 2017

    Summer is here, so it is time to say ‘Hello!’ to the seaside, sunshine and lots of fun and joy! Have you decided where you are going to spend your holidays this year? Whether you are going to the sunny...

  • Summer Outwear

    Summer Outwear

    Posted on May 30 2017

    When the warm days are coming is always difficult to switch to the summer wardrobe straight away. Therefore, you will need to have spring/summer season outwear pieces to be able to mix and match and feel comfortable. Lightweight knitwear, cardigans,...

  • Summer Must - Haves

    Summer Must - Haves

    Posted on May 23 2017

    Summer is almost around the corner and it is time to go for a shopping weekend and renew your wardrobe for the endless park walks and seaside holidays. We think there are particular pieces which are just perfect for the...

  • Trending Now

    Trending Now

    Posted on May 16 2017

    Have you done your spring shopping already? :) We have some inspiration for you! We know that for minimalist lovers catwalk trends are not so important, and you value clean but detailed design. Therefore, we have prepared some trendy but...

  • Fabrics created to be lightweight and beautiful.

    Fabrics created to be lightweight and beautiful.

    Posted on May 09 2017

    When the warm season is coming it is crucial to choose high-quality fabrics in order to feel comfortable and maximize the freedom of movement. Natural materials such as cotton or linen, are always the best for the spring/summer 2017 period....

  • Festival Season

    Festival Season

    Posted on May 02 2017

    May is finally here and London is gradually stepping into the summer! It means that Festival Season is here as well, along with chilling walks in the spring parks full of blooming flowers. May is the perfect time to spend...

  • Trendy Stripes

    Trendy Stripes

    Posted on April 25 2017

    We love the classy and chic style and therefore we love stripes! They always add that Parisian look feeling to your outfit, agree? The :) Stripe pattern is also very trendy during spring/summer 2017 season and it will perfectly match...

  • Spring Vibes

    Spring Vibes

    Posted on April 18 2017

    Spring vibes are already calling us to spend hours and hours walking in the parks and eating ice-cream, right? :) Spring, is always a time for something new, fresh and exciting. The weather is chilling in the mornings and the...

  • Easter Holiday Styling

    Easter Holiday Styling

    Posted on April 11 2017

    Spring is finally here and it means that Easter Holiday is coming as well! :) You will finally have time for all those small things, which should be done ‘later’, right?) We have prepared a small inspiration guide for you,...

  • How to wear a maxi skirt?

    How to wear a maxi skirt?

    Posted on April 04 2017

    Maxi skirts are comfy and stylish. It allows the freedom of movement without losing the hint of femininity! You can also combine it with your favorite knitwear in winter and sleeveless tops and t-shirts during the spring/summer season. So, by...

  • Monochrome


    Posted on March 29 2017

    For true minimalist lovers - a monochrome color combination is always an awesome option. Black and white are those colors which will make your look elegant and chic. Add some texture to your look and the simple color combo will...

  • Comfy & Stylish

    Comfy & Stylish

    Posted on March 22 2017

    Often, we need to sacrifice the comfort and freedom of movement to be stylish and look chic. Girls know that better, then others! We often wear high heels and dresses that limit our breathing, just to be beautiful. Well, do...

  • Colours of the Spring/Summer 2017

    Colours of the Spring/Summer 2017

    Posted on March 14 2017

    Spring is already here along with bright colors of nature inspired pieces. Sunkissed yellow, tender pink and ballad blue are making our wardrobes in the spring/summer 2017 season. Check out our inspiration guide to make the look creation easier for...

  • Minimalist Style

    Minimalist Style

    Posted on March 07 2017

    Do you love minimalism as much as we do?:) Sure, you do! Luckily our favorite style came back to the catwalks this season! Here some tips and style inspiration for you from LUXMIX. The natural colors always look fabulous. The...

  • Winter Warmers

    Winter Warmers

    Posted on March 02 2017

    Spring is coming very soon, but we still need to feel warm and stylish during last month of the winter, do we? LUXMIX UK prepared some ideas for you! Women’s knitwear is always in demand and chunky cardigans are in...

  • The Basic Pieces You should Have

    The Basic Pieces You should Have

    Posted on February 23 2017

    Have you ever experienced the situation of standing near the full wardrobe with a thought on your mind ‘I have nothing to wear’? Surely, you are! You can easily resolve the issue by investing in basic pieces, which will allow...

  • Five Trends Continuing to Live in our Wardrobes

    Five Trends Continuing to Live in our Wardrobes

    Posted on February 16 2017

    Are you ready for a new spring/summer 2017 season? Few tips from LUXMIX UK will help you to invest in the pieces that will leave in your wardrobe longer than one season. The stripe pattern is always a classy choice...

  • About LUXMIX | Smart Shopping Destination

    About LUXMIX | Smart Shopping Destination

    Posted on January 23 2017

    CREATING FASHION EVERYWHERE LUXMIX is a British apparel retailer based in London and boasts of a chic neutral minimal style which draws its inspiration from modern and classical architecture, art, photography and culture.  Luxmix has the distinction of having many outfits...

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