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Choose Happy

Posted on 18 July 2017

Summer is a time for life changes. Warm and pleasing weather, holidays, travelling all these make us realise the important things and forget about irrelevant. Fashion has always been a way to express your personality and the state of mood. We believe that fashion is not only about clothing it is about lifestyle. Minimalism lies at the base of our brand philosophy and we believe that less is more.

Choose happy. Choose to be happy always and everywhere. Your inner thoughts are shaping the life around you. You can control the outcome of every confusing situation by controlling your inner monologue. Of course, do not forget to boost your mood with stylish bright colours to express your internal happiness and make you glowing from the inside.



We strongly believe, it is important to do what you love and love what you do. You can reach inner balance and happiness by doing more of what you love. Treat yourself with small joyful things. Pay attention to details and surround yourself with pretty looking details. We always try to pay a lot of attention to details in our designs. You will love it!


Live simply. Do not overthink, do not dramatise. Enjoy the simple things of everyday life and value what you have. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning, the sun in the sky, beautiful music in your headphones, people around you. Choose comfortable clothing to feel relaxed and have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of surrounding world!


There is a beauty in simplicity. Minimal clothing, clean and simple atmosphere at your place makes your mind cleared up and focused. We love to design our pieces to suit your busy lifestyle and we believe that simple but detailed designs are beautiful.


Lastly, very little needed to make a happy life. As minimalist lovers, we strongly believe that it is crucial to surround yourself with less but choose only best of the best. This rule applies to everything your life starting from friends you choose and ending with clothing you wear.


Choose happy and remember happiness  is always inside you!

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