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Design Your Own Spring Lookbook

Posted on 23 April 2018

Every spring delivers an ocean of heavenly garments, but not each and every one of them can mimic your persona or fit perfectly with your authentic self-expression. Before you get lost in the crowd of the latest Pradas and Guccis, you can tap into your own creative spirit and update your existing look with a few spring-licious tweaks.

Of course, functionality, comfort, and class should always be your priority, so focus on pieces that will serve not only for this sunny season, but that will outlive the numerous rising fads and temporary trends seen in the streets.

Asymmetry front and centre

Even the simplest tops can become works of art with the help of a little asymmetry. Whether it’s a creamy pink jumper you intend to wear to a family lunch, or a cocktail dress for your business event, uneven lengths will transform these pieces into timeless wardrobe essentials.

Some designers such as Lucio Vanotti will go as far as introducing different textures and fabrics to add yet another layer of asymmetry, but you can borrow that playfulness and personalize some of your own pieces. Adding a patch of contrasting fabric, cutting off one sleeve, or reshaping the hem of your skirt are all creative ways to apply this approach to your own look.

A palette of pastels

Spring is always associated with vibrancy and blossoming, so naturally, floral patterns are among those constant favourites in your ensemble. But this year’s latest collections show a great tendency towards using softer, creamier shades in main pieces and leaving those loud tones for accent details.

A trend on the rise that has started a while back is introducing soft pinks into your look, and a rebellious ripped sweater can complement your street casual look, while a classic jumper in pink is ideal for an office setting. Add to that a range of other creamy tones such as gentle blue, light yellow, or lilac, and you have a wide range of bright, yet elegant hues to enrich your lookbook.

Green details

It’s in the spirit of spring to put on your favourite green skirt, but this time we’re talking about a green, eco-friendly mindset that will play a major role in your fashion choices this year. This is the ideal season to consider adding a planet-friendly vibe to your style, since this global green revolution is picking up its pace even in the realm of beauty and fashion design.

For example, you can find elegant vegan bags in earthy tones to complete your minimalist look, which are suitable for any occasion. Sustainably-produced jewellery is also entering the mainstream trends and is slowly getting embraced as the new norm for beauty aficionados. You can also accessorize your look with green details, such a classic red lipstick but with an organic twist before you switch to a fully green ensemble.

Layers are the key

As beautiful and chirpy as this season is, spring is also very fickle, which means that you should always dress with potential weather changes in mind. Even if the sun is in full bloom at midday, you could find yourself in the pouring rain in a matter of hours, and in need of your trusty jacket to keep your warm later in the evening.

Since casual chic and sporty are thriving nowadays, you can aim for jeans paired with a timeless striped t-shirt and classic white sneakers. As long as you have an oversized varsity jacket, or a comfy sweater to keep you cosy when the weather is wishy-washy, your layered look will not seem overburdened.

A splash of contrast

Although pastel hues are definitely the main course, let’s say that your favourite side dish for the season will be finding bold and loud tones to create the right level of contrast. If Stella McCartney is anything to go by, then enriching your wardrobe with a stunning red dress ready for spring will be the LBD stand-in for the upcoming months.

If you’re not feeling that courageous for the time being, start small. Red, bright yellow, and orange all make for warm, sunset hues even if you just put on a dab of red lip or choose a pair of shades with a quirky frame in orange.

What matters is that you use your imagination in creating your own spring expression without religiously sticking to trends. They can be your guide and a source of inspiration to discover what feels genuine in your own style but allow yourself to think outside of any fashion box, and your look will always be able to dazzle!

Author--Mia Taylor 

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