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Basics of the Minimalist Approach to Personal Style

Posted on 26 September 2017


For those who aren’t ‘in the know’, minimalism in fashion and design in general has been present for quite a while. However, pinpointing what minimalism is precisely is far from an easy feat. Before you begin reinventing your wardrobe, there’s a thing or two you should definitely know about this amazing fashion movement that hasn’t only stood the test of time, but has also come back to rule them all.

Defining the elusive

The three main components of minimalism in its purest form are impersonal austerity, anti-figurative forms and accessibility. Minimalist designers place their focus on the specifics of form and fabric rather than the garment as a body covering. This is achieved through reductivism and non-emotive design. Now, reductivism is far from a lack of imagination. A minimalistic garment appears deceptively simple, but its allure hides in the complexity of execution. The final product is simple, sleek and sophisticated. It’s effortless-looking, but by no means effortlessly manufactured. When it comes to non-emotive design, the story is fairly straightforward; Non-emotive design elements are usually characterized by geometric composition and non-conventional materials, and often draw inspiration from architecture and art.


The concept of anti-figurative forms is pretty self-explanatory – minimalism aims at rejecting the idea of a ‘figure’ in terms of gender and human form from clothing. As far as accessibility goes, minimalism is not only appealing for its financial accessibility. While it’s true that minimalist wardrobe revolves around quality and not quantity, and the investment in timeless pieces instead of an abundance of cheap, disposable and difficult to combine ones is paramount, accessibility in minimalism carries an additional meaning. Minimalist wardrobe is here to cater to all needs, ages, body types and genders, and that is precisely why it has made a grand (re)entrance. Trends come and go, but sophistication always manages to hold the fort.

 Starting your minimalist journey

The main goal of minimalist brands and designers is for a consumer to be able to get up in the morning and achieve effortless elegance with a minimum amount of effort using garments that are sleek, supremely manufactured and easy to combine. The ultimate goal is to create a wardrobe arsenal in which all pieces happily cohabitate and cooperate to provide you with a look of ultimate sophistication. The first question to be answered is – what is the color palette? In order to mix and match with ease, the most prudent thing you can do as a minimalist neophyte is to stick with neutrals and non-colors. This entails shades of gray, black, white, beige, navy, green and camel. Next in line is the cut. While traditional minimalism revolved around the traditional notion of a well-tailored garment that follows the shape of the body, new minimalism is about relaxed, moderately oversized pieces that result in that slightly undone look sported by the millennial generation and ultimate fashionistas in general. Some of the most stylish people foster that effortless undone look.


Finally, it’s time to discuss the actual pieces which you will later build your minimalist wardrobe around. One must simply have an oversized black blazer – it’s one of the key pieces that can be a glue of an entire outfit. While on the subject of pieces that every minimalist must own – a pair of black trousers is absolutely inevitable. Even according to style guru Tim Gunn, this is a staple garment every woman must own. Instead of a classic cut, incorporate a smidge of current trends and go for wide three-quarter length trousers reminiscent of the trendy culottes. Taking a cue from Audrey Hepburn, an LBD is always a grand investment. The beauty of black dresses of today hides in the cut; it’s so versatile that by just removing your cardigan, you can switch your look from casual to cocktail-party ready in a matter of seconds. Gray, beige, black and olive green sweaters and long cardigans are every minimalist’s autumn dream, so make sure to put them on your list, along with a stylish long black vest. For warmer seasons, sheer fabrics and everlasting stripes are in order. Finally, to kick off the accessories, a black bag is one you certainly want by your side, along with simple black leather flats and nude ankle boots. 

 Remaining true to your newfound style

Once you’ve mastered the basics by acquiring the staple minimalist items, the way to go around purchasing additional garments is by always bearing in mind the list of ones you own. Think of possible combination, the ease with which a potential new piece will fit into your established arsenal. If it ticks the boxes in terms of color, fabrics, cut and style, you have the clearance to make the addition. Last but not least is the makeup. Along with downsizing your wardrobe, comes the downsizing of makeup. The key to mastering minimalism completely is to ooze a look that is natural and healthy, which can be achieved with BB creams or invisible mineral foundations such as those from Nude by Nature, followed by a touch of subtle highlighter and nothing more than the perfect shade of red lipstick and a coat of mascara. When in doubt always remember that less is more, and you will be the reigning queen of the ruling fashion movement in almost no time at all. De-clutter your life and embrace the new, simplified and sophisticated version of yourself.

Author: Mia Taylor  

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