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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Posted on 22 May 2018

There are two kinds of people, ones that prepare for months thinking what is the perfect Mother’s Day gift and those that run out last minute hoping to find something suitable for the occasion. Luckily there is no shortage of choices so the latter group can also find the ideal one even with the time constraint. Now, in order to ease your search efforts and help your mom get the ideal gift we have prepared this list to guide to the perfect choice for Mother’s Day gift.

A Beautiful Dress

Getting her a versatile dress for all occasions might be considered the perfect gift. Start with observing her style and see what it is that she prefers, from her favourite cut to length and material, and if you are lucky you will spot the one dress she needs to complete her wardrobe. Finally, before you decide to make the final purchase check that you get the size right so that there is no need for here to exchange it later on. She will appreciate the time and effort you put into finding that one perfect dress for her. You can also choose to complete the look with a simple long sleeved cardigan. And in case you are uncertain about getting a dress all on your own, you can go for a safe bet and get her a beautiful jumper that she is bound to love.

A Mini Vacation

This one is a sure winner. A full vacation package can be tricky as plans can change and the whole thing could fall through. But a mini vacation to a spa center could be just what the doctor ordered. Pay for a true pampering package that will include all the services, from facials and massages to Jacuzzi and pool. Let her relax and enjoy being the star of the show. And if you want to really provide her with a celebrity treatment, get her some renowned designer swimwear, something that she would never buy herself and that will make her feel special and beautiful. This combination of Mother’s day presents will definitely make her feel loved and appreciated.

A Personalized Surprise

Personalized Mother’s day gifts are a special treat because you can show the time and energy you put into creating something beautiful for them. This usually takes mother’s back to a time when we were little kids bringing home artworks from the kindergarten. As adults, we strive to get them something along the lines of monogrammed cups, framed family pictures or handmade photo albums. This provides our mothers with an everlasting memory and shows them how much we care considering that we made the time to create something as beautiful just for them.

Carefully Picked Jewelry

Getting her just any old necklaces or a pair of earrings will simply not do. You need to take into consideration the importance of Mother’s day and what is the statement you want to make with that piece of jewelry. It can be a pendant that has specific meaning for you and her, so that she has something to remind her of how much you care. Another option is a bracelet with different symbols for love and happiness, it is timeless and every time she wears it she’ll know who gave it to her. And finally a set of pearl earrings, there is a lot of symbolism here as she protected you as the shell protects the pearl. Whatever you choose make sure that the meaning is clear and she knows exactly why you chose that specific piece. The best way for you decide is to pay a visit to a shop with a great selection, like the one on 125 Brick Ln in London. You are bound to find exactly what you are looking for right there.

A Beauty Set

After everything listed above this might seem a bit impersonal, but with the right selection it can also be quite meaningful and make a perfect Mother’s day gift. First choose the fragrances she prefers, whether its lavender, lilac or Aloe Vera. It can be a bathing set or a post-bath pampering one. Complement it with a bit of makeup just to remind her that she is still a beautiful woman and that she deserves the best beauty products. And finally top that off with her favourite perfume, one that she will wear daily and remember who gave it to her.

Author - Mia Taylor

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