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About Us



Luxmix was founded by UK Fashion designer and qualified stylist Angela with her design team in 2014. She was inspired by the natural elements of simple, eco-living. She believes less is more, such that we can create a better world with minimal style but a better quality of life.

Luxmix is a British apparel retailer based in London and boasts of a chic neutral minimal style which draws its inspiration from modern and classical architecture, art, photography and culture.  

Luxmix has the distinction of having many outfits with a choice of styles, fabrics, designs and by a number of designers. Our collection is a destination for people with a taste for style and culture. Nearly all of our clothes are made of high-quality soft cotton or merino wool.

We aim to create a lifestyle for people who enjoy freedom, exploration, success and a better quality of life to pursue dreams, self-discovery and self-expression. To help in this quest, we choose items that are comfortable all day and into the evening; to be worn again and again. This comfort comes from the balanced combination of design and materials – many of the yarns made especially for us, and in colours inspired by nature – stone, marble, walls, plants as well as being guided by classic designs such as art deco.

Our range represents the perfect solution to smart shopping, as our clothes fit into the wardrobe alongside the classics – we aim to be the “go to” choice every morning when you decide on your outfit. 

Our name Luxmix comes from “ luxury and mixture”; indicating that we want to offer our customers a luxury shopping experience with high street affordable prices. With “LUX” meaning light in Latin; Luxmix aims to be a leading light to those people who are pursuing their dreams. 


Warm Welcome to Visit our Boutique concession:
125 Brick Lane, London UK,  E1 6SB
Monday-- Sunday  11:00 am-- 7:00 pm


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